Academic Success Formula

What Do We Consider to be Successful?

Here, at Study point, we focus on three major aspects of a student’s education in order to achieve success. Success here is much more than merely understanding the information. Rather, we take it one step further by focusing on student’s ability to understand how to apply this knowledge in real-world situations. Albeit, other tutoring services may classify this as success, we advance our students’ learning abilities by putting emphasis on making the entire process their work habits as well (which eventually empower them to overcome any predicament in the course of their upcoming life). When we help a student build on all of these three aspects of their learning, we are successful.

With all experience and knowledge at-hand, we take it as a challenge to develop all three components of intelligence among our students:

  • Componential Intelligence (abstract thinking abilities, verbal abilities)
  • Creative or Experiential Intelligence (emphasizing the ability to formulate new ideas and deal with novel situations)
  • Practical or Tactic intelligence (the ability to adapt to changing environments)

Key Components of Our Formula

  • Knowledge – This entails the actual information in the course curriculum, including: terms, concepts, and formulas.
  • Application – The ability of students to take the information they have learned, and apply it to various contexts and problems. The ability to apply what has been learned is especially important for inquiry based learning which consequently develop the skill to handle extemporaneous situations with ease.
  • Work Ethics – Work ethic is a skill that will follow a student throughout his/her lifetime, and will determine his/her achievements in future. Therefore, it is often disappointing to learn that little or (quite often) negligible attention is paid to the subject. However, you will be pleased to know that it is not the scenario at StudyPoint. We take pain in developing appropriate attitude among our students and help them cultivating important skills such as concentration, organization, prioritization, and time management.

Facilitating Our Success Formula

There are a number of ways we work with our students. The most important is to cater to their needs. This starts by assessing the students themselves. Questions are structured and analyzed according to the types of learners and the pivotal point remains where they seem to struggle the most. Course material is synchronized with the learning capacities of the students which lead to the point where we plug-in customized teaching styles. As a result, your child would get which is most suitable to him.

Modeling is also an important way in which students learn. Often, showing a student what an organized folder looks like is the best way for them to understand what they need to do differently. This works well for many of the leading work ethic skills: seeing others doing something well often motivates students to do well themselves.